Manna Orientation Day

Promoting online learning


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    Good effort and Congratulations,How can those who are outside Nairobi county attend on 29/3/2020 at PEFA House with the present situation in the country while Traveling is an issue?

  • Stephen

    Mar 28, 2020


    We did an Online orientation. Kindly get in touch with Stephen (0725766514), to assist you on how to register.


    Apr 16, 2020


    I'm from South Sudan, Juba. I'm interested in the theology studies. How can I get registered? Thanks

  • mannabibleinstitute

    Apr 17, 2020


    Hi Victor, kindly check your email address for further instructions on how to register. Thanks

  • Evariste

    Apr 18, 2020


    Bonjour, je suis intéressé par votre campus, vous avoir sur mon chemin n'est pas un hasard. Je souhaite plus d'informations sur comment s'inscrire

  • Owilly cosmas

    Jun 10, 2020


    Register me for online training

  • Elias mugambi

    Nov 20, 2020


    More information please

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